So You Want To Try Body Marbling?

Originally published by EZ Life. Republished with permission.


So you want to try this new thing called body marbling? Sounds great, let’s get some water and some paint and lets do it. 3 frustrating hours later, you figure that you may have not anticipated how difficult this would be. I was one of those do-it-yourself type people that just had to give it a try.

The first time I tried was over a year ago and there weren’t any sites to find information on how to do it. I checked out the BL visuals Facebook page and they would not answer any type of questions concerning their paint or how to replicate it. They also do not sell their kits. If BL Visuals were willing to sell their kits, I would reverse engineer it and figure out how they do it.

Fast-forward a year later, and I totally forget about body marbling. I’m on Facebook and see an ad  on how to do your own body marbling. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but now I know otherwise. This company was giving away 100 free e books on how to body marble. I ended up being lucky enough to win one.


The body marbling process is actually a little more complicated than you would think. I ended up having to buy paint and other accessories needed for the kit. After making all of my purchases, it ended up costing me a little over $100 at Hobby Lobby and Amazon. After spending that much money, I noticed that there are companies selling body marbling kits for a lot less than that.I think I would have been better off buying the kit.

It was a little bit of a hassle finding everything that I needed. Once I got everything together, it was actually very easy. When I got home and unpacked everything, my friends and I had it up and running within 30 minutes or so. The results are below, I think they look great. We were doing this near the basketball court in my apartment complex when we all of a sudden became very popular.

Random people came up to us asking how it worked. Art, alcohol, and music has a way of bringing people together. I met about 20 people that lived around the apartment complex that I have never met before. I had two “gentlemen” ask me if they could dip their balls in my paint. I had to decline.

If you are interested in getting the e-book, you can go to or to for the pre made kits-  there is also a lot of basic information there about body marbling. The e-book is a great guide if you are wanting to learn how to do this for a large party or gathering. It really gives you detailed instructions on how to do this properly and safely. If you see people doing body marbling  at festivals or concerts, please don’t ask them if you can dip your balls in their paint.

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